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Tuesday 28 February 2017

Citrix Partner Accelerator is the must attend annual event for all Citrix partners.  Join us in 2017 as the world is experiencing what some call the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A new era where physical and digital worlds are converging. Where everything is connected. The pace of change is exponential. And the possibilities for improving how we work and live are limitless.

Digital transformation is occurring in every industry. Innovative organizations are now able to harness the power of digital insights and technology-powered processes to disrupt and dominate long-standing industries and change how we shop, access information and engage in business processes. We are witnessing how upstarts and established firms in nearly every industry - from transportation to hospitality to financial services - are using digital technologies to challenge centuries-old beliefs, operating models and even regulations.

At Citrix, we believe there is a better way to power the digital enterprise. A better way to ensure your organization and your infrastructure can confidently scale for the future. A better way to ensure reliable access to your apps and data anywhere, on any device, across any platform and in any cloud. And - most importantly - a better way to secure it all.

Register to attend Citrix Partner Accelerator NOW to hear more on how Citrix can help you to help your clients!

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